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Anonymous: Post more pics of Bali!!

I lost all my photos when my phone crashed on me :’( but no worries i’m going back!! and I will definitely take more photos 


Anonymous: okay i think i have crush on you after seeing some of the pictures in your tumblr :)

aww thats extremely sweet of you..

Anonymous: Julia! How did you n qahar meet & how did he ask you to be his girlfriend? Pls do tell, hehe :-P

haha wow never thought I’d get a question like this! but okay. 

Well Qahhar and I met in 2011 at a mutual friends birthday party, sometime during the party he was sitting alone so I asked him to come join me and we started from there. According to Qahhar he had a crush on me for the longest time ever since we met and he did try to approach me. But at the time my focus seemed to be else well. I suppose he stopped trying after awhile but fate has a funny way of pulling things at your direction if its meant to be. So in January, 2013 my mom and aunt had randomly asked me if I wanted to go for a fun night out just girls at the time I was single (obviously) and I had just pulled through some pretty messynashty stuff. We headed to Changkat and had dinner, I don’t know why I had the urge to call one of my really good friends Iman that night to ask if she’d happen to be there and true enough she was! So we met up with her and it so happened that it was a friend’s birthday (yet again) and the whole gang was there including Qahhar. Seeing my mom was already quiet tired she let me stay back with my friends so I could enjoy a longer night. 

So after I got a drink I was basically just sitting/chilling while some of my friends were dancing and thats when Qahhar approached me, we started talking and than he asked me if I wanted to dance, I accepted and thats how it started, he sent me home that night and we met the next day and every other day till today :)


Anonymous: what's your fav song?

I love music, you can’t make me choose. but for now it seems to be this


Anonymous: do you wear makeup?

somedays I do, somedays I don’t. Depends where I’m at on the lazy scale

Anonymous: What are your favorite online blog shops?

I don’t really have any, I just buy whatever I feel from wherever I happen to be shopping at. I could share some blogs if you’d like :)