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Anonymous: I wish I've met you ealier ):

what makes you think you can’t meet me now? haha alhamdullilah I’m still here :)

Anonymous: Hey julia, I have hairy hands for a girl, I'm so conscious about it. What should I do? :(

Well my arms aren’t exactly hairless either, but it doesn’t really bother me. Its only natural. If you really want to do something about it i suggest waxing or if you’re really fair than bleaching is another alternative (but not very healthy for the skin) good luck! x

Anonymous: Where do you normally do your manicures?? :)

At this small little shop called glitters in Taipan if not the one in Empire

Anonymous: can u tell khairul I say hi? having a crush on him but i'm just some plain jane

aww sure I can, but hey being a plain jane doesn’t mean anything if you have a great personality. People should get to know someone from the inside out and we don’t discriminate. So say hi and come off anon! :) x

Anonymous: Post more pics of Bali!!

I lost all my photos when my phone crashed on me :’( but no worries i’m going back!! and I will definitely take more photos